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Sponsorship/Partnership Requirements


- Information about Yourself / Community

- Minimum of 2,500 Subscribers with big viewer base

- Provide Social Media Website (If any, e.g. Twitch / Hitbox, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter)

- 50 to 100 words of why we should sponsor / partner with you? (Including the benefits that we can gain from you)

If you think you fulfill the requirements stated above, please send us a message on twitter.com/csgofirewheel and we will respond after reviewing it.
Any messages sent to us without meeting the minimum requirements will not be entertained.

You can use this logo, for advertising purposes

Direct url: https://csgofirewheel.com/img/logo_firewheel.png

I didn't receive trade offer

The fastest way to accept the trade offer if you didn't get notified through CSGOFireWheel is to right click the Steam Icon (System Tray) and click community. And then you should see the trade notification in your current messages/notifications in the steam community.

Occasionally if the Steam Servers are not responding correctly it may take up to an hour for the trade offer to appear in your steam account.

If you continue to have problems or still are unable to find your winning trade offer, then please contact us by facebook.

If you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us: support.csgofirewheel.com